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So, You Want to Start a Podcast

Our incredibly talented podcast producer, Chris Hill of HumblePod, takes a seat with Jess in front of the mic to share his knowledge on the world of podcasting. In this episode, he talks about his experience turning his personal passion (hosting Our Humble Beer Podcast) into a career helping others create podcasts of their own. Chris also shares how this popular medium can help businesses increase their sales and support their existing marketing efforts. Thinking of starting a podcast of your own? This is a great place to start.

Video Gear We Can’t Live Without

Sam leads a conversation with Jonathan and Katelynn about the video production gear they can’t live without. They cover essential equipment for production professionals at any level, including their own personal preferences (spoiler: they are Sony peeps). Sam guides the others into the Drone Zone, and they fail to name all the Spice Girls.

Instagram Tips & Trends

To kick off the new year, Jonathan and Jess talk about their favorite social media platform: Instagram. The "Instagram Fam" covers how businesses can best utilize this channel to build brand authority and foster engagement. Jess talks about trends for this year, and Jonathan has no idea what Poshmark is.


To close out 2019, the entire Big Slate Media crew gathers around the podcasting table to answer questions submitted by all of you, our loyal fans and followers. The Pre-Pro Bros announce their latest single. Jonathan is really excited about drone fishing. Jess and Katelynn reminisce about Vine. Lucas drops a fidget spinner. And Sam just wants everyone to be nicer to each other. It’s one big, beautiful holiday mess, and you definitely want to be a part of it.

Pre-Pro for the Pro Pros feat. the Pre-Pro Bros

Jess takes a stab at hosting this episode featuring Big Slate’s own Pre-Pro Bros, Lucas and Sam. The duo dives into all things Pre-Production and explains how an efficient Pre-Pro process can yield successful video shoots. They also discuss essential documents like storyboards and shot lists, and Lucas admits something about his hygiene. As always, if you have questions about any of the topics on the podcast, please email info@bigslatemedia.com.

“Silky” Smooth Event Video Strategy

Jess and Lucas welcome in Lynsey Wilson from the Knoxville Chamber to break down the walls of event video content strategy. They talk pre-event planning, practicality of event coverage, keeping the audience engaged afterwards, and the circular timeline that connects all three. Lynsey talks about her upcoming young professionals summit, Endeavor 2019, and a silky chicken becomes the most important thing in their lives...

The ABCs of B2C & B2B Marketing

The Big Slate team has a candid conversation about the ins and outs of B2C and B2B marketing. They tackle the major differentiators, content styles and challenges/opportunities for each business type, while focusing on human connection in marketing and consumer decision-making. Also, Lucas asks Jonathan for a raise.

Why Your Lame "Happy Thursday!" Facebook Post Is Annoying

Lucas leads a discussion with Jonathan and Jess about social media marketing strategy and how businesses can avoid “posting just to post.” They provide practical advice, offer tools to utilize and discuss how to remain consistent and relevant on social media.

Get to Know Content: Intro

Jonathan Halley with Big Slate Media introduces the Know Content podcast - a podcast full of content made by content creators. It’ll cover strategy, types of content, where to place it, and more through discussions with the Big Slate team and local/regional experts.

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